About the Company

JSC „Consena“ is an organization established in 1995 which was one of the first companies to specialize in supplying construction products. We supply geo-synthetic products, un-ducted insulated pipes, metal culverts, plastic pipes and waterproofing materials. We also do structural projects for water supply and sewage disposal systems; we design heating, ventilation and distribution systems, electrical and electronic communications systems as well as the other specialized construction works. The company strives to ensure a high level of service providing quality products, satisfying each of our customer's needs. The company has a wide network of suppliers which along with our experienced, knowledgeable and competent staff helps to find an optimal solution for our customers.

Metal culverts

Modern road and bridge construction technology requires modern solutions. One of them - metal culverts, a high quality corrugated metal design is quick to install and requires no maintenance. It is flexible, versatile, costs less and meets environmental standards.


JSC „Consena“ designs residential and non-residential buildings and structures. We plan new constructions, reconstructions, renovations and undertake technical work projects. As well we are doing spatial planning – preparation of detailed plans. JSC “Consena” projects are developed and implemented in Lithuania. We pride ourselves on quality service ensuring customer satisfaction.

Waterproofing products

JSC “Consena" is a Spanish company DRIZORO SA an exclusive distributor in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia since 1996. "DRIZORO" SA products are used for concrete and masonry waterproofing, restoration, protection and decoration, building and civil engineering.

Water supply and sewage systems

JSC “Consena" one of the first in Lithuania started to supply plastic engineering networks, connecting parts and fittings in Lithuania. Currently JSC "Consena" provides plastic pipes for Lithuania from one of the largest plastic pipes manufacturers in Poland Barbara Kaczmarek Sp. J. Factory "Kaczmarek was founded in 1985 in Poland and has been running for 27 years and has become one of the leading factories in Poland. It is European-scale factory and has modern quality management programs for ISO 9001:2000.




Jovarų str. 2, Kaunas
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E-mail: info@consena.lt
Phone: +370 37 206828
Fax: +370 37 206723
E-mail: projektavimas@consena.lt

Vaidas Karalius

Head manager of metal anti-corrosion coating

Phone: +370 37 788088

Mob. phl.: +370 611 19115
E-mail: vaidas.karalius@consena.lt


Osmundas Antanavičius
Head manager of
waterproofing products

Phone: +370 37 788088
Mob. ph.: +370 698 43450
E-mail: osmundas@consena.lt
Raimondas Skrynius
Head manager of
geo-synthetic products

Phone: +370 37 788088
Mob. ph.: +370 656 88235
E-mail: raimondas@consena.lt
Vidmantas Jocius
Head manager of metal culverts
Phone: +370 37 228655
Mob. phl.: +370 682 19866
E-mail: vidas@consena.lt
Juozas Šukys
Head manager of engineering networks
Phone: +370 37 228655
Mob. ph.: +370 616 54013
E-mail: juozas@consena.lt

Central office

UAB “Consena”
Jovarų str. 2, LT-47193 Kaunas
Phone: +370 37 788088
Fax: +370 37 206723
E-mail: info@consena.lt

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Acc.No. LT597300010002241246
AB "Swedbank“ bank